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Abbreviated schedules affect those who rely on public transportation

DART's holiday schedule reminds us of our mission

This holiday season, we were reminded why we do what we do here at On The Road Lending. We never get tired of hearing from our clients on how having a car has led to happier lives or seeing their faces when we hand them the keys, but this special reminder came in the form of an email from DART.

The email, which we assume went out to all DART users, detailed the Christmas holiday schedule. It explained that they’d be running on an abbreviated schedule (which included one system, TRE, not running at all on Christmas Day as well as the closing of certain offices) for the holiday weekend and that people who use the public transport system should plan accordingly.

And while we appreciate the fact that DART workers had the chance to take a break and enjoy their time at home during the holidays, we can only imagine how hard this must be for those who rely on public transportation to get to and from jobs, especially those whose work retail jobs with extended holiday hours. How can they commute in a safe and efficient way if they can’t even rely on their only mode of transportation? What does planning accordingly actually mean for these people? Going to work much earlier than usual? Taking a pricey taxi or rideshare to get to their destination?

We’re working to make sure people in our community have transportation they can rely on. And the truth is that it won’t happen until they have a vehicle of their own.