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DART closes bus stop in NE Dallas

Shut down an effort to combat crime

Recently, DART closed a bus stop at the intersection of Forest Lane and Audelia Road. The stop was shut down in an effort to combat crime in the area.

Many residents were already avoiding the bus stop because of the crime, but according to DART spokesman Mark Ball this stop was one of their busiest locations. And while there hadn’t been reports of crime on the DART buses, the shutdown of the location was an effort to work with the community.

“We know they are attempting to fight the bigger issue of crime and we wanted to be part of the solution,” Ball said. They’ll now direct people to use bus stop to the north and the south — both about 5 minutes away.

While we can understand why this is the resolution to the issue, we can’t help but wonder about the families and individuals who are affected by the bus stop closing. It’s easy to say the other bus stops are only about 5 minutes away, but there are too many people who can’t afford to extend their commute that’s already too long.

Additionally, if DART shuts down one of its busier stops because of crime, what does that say about public transportation? We’re not saying it’s the most dangerous option, but we can certainly say that on top of being unreliable, it’s certainly not the safest option for Dallas families.

What do you think of DART closing the stop at Forest Lane and Audelia Road? Is it an acceptable solution to the crime issue?

DART Stop Shut Down Due To Crime In The Area

NE Dallas DART Bus Stop Closed Due To Crime