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Our impact investment loan fund now designated as CDFI

After rigorous process, designation awarded by US Treasury

We’re excited to announce that our impact investment loan fund, which provides below-market interest rate loans on good vehicles, has been designated by the US Treasury as a Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI). This prestigious designation is not easy to obtain and is only granted to specialized organizations offering financial products and services to benefit low-income communities and other target populations, in our case, African Americans and Hispanic families and individuals.

The people we seek to serve have difficulty purchasing reliable transportation without being taken advantage of by predatory lenders. They often buy poor quality cars with bad loans because of a lack of credit, financial knowledge, or an understanding of the car-purchasing process. The partnership between our services arm, On the Road Lending, and OTR Fund I, LLC, our first loan fund, is a deliberate strategy to help these clients overcome this situation. Although two separate entities, they work closely together to provide an integrated suite of benefits for the people we serve, including long-term financial coaching, vehicle services, and good loans.

Our goal is for people to build stronger lives and better health (physical, mental, emotional and financial). We want everyone to be able to access and retain the best job possible, overcome food deserts, obtain good medical care, access education options for their children, build assets and credit, and be on the road to a better future.

To learn more about CDFI Certification, visit their website.

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