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We're participating in North Texas Giving Day!

Get up and give on Sept. 22

In the coming weeks, you’ll see countless emails, Tweets and Facebook posts about North Texas Giving Day — September 22, 2016. Last year Communities Foundation of Texas raised $33 million on North Texas Giving Day through more than 118,000 gifts benefiting 2,020 nonprofits. We’re proud to again be a part of this community-wide effort that prompts North Texans to “Get up and give!”

To be honest, it’s hard for smaller nonprofits like On the Road Lending to compete with the Goliath agencies that have large constituencies and marketing budgets for this annual effort. But we do have something that many nonprofits don’t have—our work has far-reaching impact on a wide variety of issues.

Whatever issues are important to you, we ask you to think about the vital solution that an affordable, reliable, fuel-efficient car provides:

If you support education efforts, consider whether a low-income family can actually get their child to the better school if it takes three hours on a bus or train.

If you support job-training programs, consider whether a person can actually get to their better job if they live in a transit desert.

If you support health and hunger projects, consider how likely a person is to get good food or sufficient healthcare when the nearest grocery store or medical facility is miles away.

If you support domestic violence agencies, consider how a woman can escape a batterer if she doesn’t have a car.

If you support clean initiatives, consider the positive effect of replacing older, gas-guzzling, polluting cars with newer, fuel-efficient models.

These examples are not theoretical. With your support, On the Road Lending clients and their children will have better cars, better jobs and better lives.

On the Road Lending partners with many of the organizations you care about most. When you make your gift to the organizations you believe are making a difference in North Texas, think about how a better car and an affordable loan can help the people those organizations serve.

Chances are those agencies have already asked for our help because lack of transportation is a major barrier to their clients’ success.

On North Texas Giving Day, when you donate to the nonprofits you regularly support, please also consider a gift to On the Road Lending to make their work even more meaningful.

View On The Road Lending’s North Texas Giving Day page HERE.