Mobility: It’s not just for adults

Frisco ISD gives motorized toy cars to special needs children

The need for mobility isn’t just for adults. We were reminded of this while learning about a heart-warming and inspiring story about students with severe disabilities receiving toy cars to allow them to easily explore the world around them.

The Frisco Independent School District is behind the effort that was inspired by the University of Delaware’s GoBabyGo program. A total of 12 students at the Early Childhood School were selected to receive the cars — up from last year’s test run where one student received one car.

Engineering students at Frisco ISD’s Career and Technical Education Center were involved in the process, taking the toy cars, adding motors and reconfiguring the wiring by replacing foot pedals with power buttons. They also added kill switches for parents, seat belts, safety rails and other features specific to each student’s needs.

Though the toy cars may be fun for the students who use them, they’re also practical and educational. They boost social interactions as well as teach cause and effect with each push of that big, bright, red button.

“A lot of times people underestimate these kids,” Juanita Craig said. Her son, Morgan received the first car last year and because he outgrew it was able to get another one this year. “They just learn differently. We have to find new avenues and guide them.”

Kids with disabilities find ‘pure joy’ in toy cars that boost mobility.