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Glenn lives in Corpus Christi and needs a reliable vehicle since his work and home are more than 15 miles apart. He works an early morning shift at H-E-B, and the older truck he drove constantly put him at risk for being stranded on the freeway at 2 a.m.   Since getting his 2017 Chevy Cruze through On the Road Lending, his worries about getting to work have disappeared.

“Now I have the confidence that my coworkers can trust me to be there no matter the schedule,” Glenn says. 

Glenn found us through H-E-B Federal Credit Union, one of our marketplace partners. When the credit union couldn’t make him a loan because of his credit history, we were able to step in and provide a loan based on getting to know Glenn and his ability to pay. 

With reliable transportation, Glenn has been able to participate in H-E-B management training and is taking on more responsibility at work.

“I have great plans for the next calendar year. With a car I can trust, my world of improvements continues,” he says. “I will likely be elevated to a manager’s position within the next six months, and it all started with not having to worry about a truck that had seen its best days. Confidence built confidence, and my leaders saw it. Thanks for everything On the Road Lending. You are my hero!”

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