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When Tami came to On the Road Lending, she didn’t own a vehicle and depended solely upon public transportation. She lived in Fort Worth and had a two-hour commute each way to her job in Arlington that involved several busses, a rideshare, and walking two miles each way. 

“I absolutely loved my job, but the anxiety of the commute was overwhelming,” Tami says.

Because of credit issues due to a tumultuous divorce and her current living situation—she had just started a new contract job and was living in temporary housing—she knew a traditional car loan would not work for her. Researching alternatives, Tami contacted Fort Worth’s Economic Development Department, which put her in touch with us.

“On the Road Lending took control and handled everything. The staff is professional, courteous and made me feel at ease with the process. I now drive a beautiful 2018 oceanic blue Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV,” Tami says.

Like so many of our clients, Tami uses her car to give back to the community.

“Not only has having a car changed my life, but also it has changed the lives of numerous other women,” she says. “I’m involved in a sober living home that helps at-risk women and am now able to help with rides to jobs and medical and dental appointments.”

Tami says On the Road Lending has played an integral part in her once again becoming an independent and successful woman. Her next goal is home ownership!

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