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On the Road Lending’s car loan program helps clients who need affordable, reliable cars—one of the most essential components of building a strong life. Transportation is a building block that can help you improve all other aspects of your life—education, housing, health and job.

Anyone interested in our car loan program first fills out our online application. Next you will have a phone consultation with one of our intake specialists and will learn more about the program including the services we provide as well as the type of work you will be expected to do in order to complete the program. You will need to show sufficient available monthly income to support a car payment, gas and insurance. We will also look at the amount of debt you already have and how much a car loan will add to make sure that it is not overwhelming. After the phone consultation, we will schedule a credit coaching session with our team to review your personal financial picture and other criteria for final evaluation prior to acceptance into the program. If you are accepted into the program, you can expect to get a car loan when you have completed all the necessary work.

The On the Road Lending team also provides assistance with car selection and purchase, taking into consideration your budget and family size. On the Road Lending has established partnerships with car dealers to provide new and nearly new fuel-efficient cars at dealer invoice. Extended warranty is included on each car at a discounted cost to protect you from unexpected repair costs during the loan period.

On the Road Lending partners with financing entities, like OTR FUND I, LLC, to provide affordable loans to clients who have graduated from our Mobility Program program, completed a credit-improvement plan, and demonstrated the ability to make on-time monthly payments. Our Stepped Down Lending Program may be an option if you need to get into a car prior to the end of the program. It gradually moves you from higher rates to lower ones as you do the work required to complete the program.

OTR Fund I, LLC uses interest income to fund the On the Road Lending education and credit coaching that supports clients. In this “pay-it-forward” model, everyone who completes the program supports others coming into the program in the future.