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A Heartwarming Story

Repo man pays off car and returns it to couple

We love that the holidays are a time to give, receive and reflect on the things we’re thankful for. So we couldn’t help but share this story that warmed our hearts this holiday season.

As a repo man in Illinois, Jim Ford had seen his share of hairy situations — he’d even been shot at while repossessing a car. But luckily, the encounters never turned him into a bitter man — because a bitter man would never pay off an elderly couple’s car he had to repossess.

Stanford and Patty Kipping had a hard time keeping up with car payments on their 1998 Buick thanks to a fixed income, high prescription costs and other bills. So Jim did everything he could to help them keep their car. And we mean everything — not only did he let them know he was taking their car so that they could remove their personal items (a courtesy he extends to most), but he also tried to work with the bank to make a deal that would allow them to keep the car.

When that didn’t work, Jim took matters into his own hands and created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the Kippings car. In one night he raised more than $3,500, which easily covered the $2,501 the bank owed on the Buick. On top of that, a friend of his fixed up the Buick by topping off the radiator, changing the oil, and fixing the headlights.

And what did Jim do with the rest of the money? He put $1,000 in an envelope and gave it to the Kippings. They called the situation “a miracle come true” and we couldn’t agree more.

“I may be getting soft in my old age but you get more done with kindness,” Jim said about how he treats people he comes in contact with through his job. That’s a mantra we hope to keep with us throughout the holidays and beyond.

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