Now making loans in Kentucky and North Carolina!

Strengthening the Human Empowerment Movement

Recently Stand Together Foundation selected On the Road Lending to be one of the first 25 Catalysts in its new Catalyst Impact Grant Program. As a part of the program, we’ll receive training Principle Based ManagementTM, access to a new customer-first impact measurement approach, and up to $300,000 in grants over the next three years. The initiative, which officially kicks off in 2023, is cultivating a group of the country’s most transformative social enterprises that demonstrate a better way to empower people to live their best lives. 

On the Road Lending has been dedicated to human empowerment since our earliest days almost 10 years ago when our first tagline was “Money for Less and Respect for Free.” By helping our clients improve their credit and purchase fuel-efficient, reliable cars, we’re empowering them through affordable, reliable transportation. We’re excited to be selected for this program after an extensive vetting process of hundreds of applicants and join others who share our ideas about creating prosperity. We have a lot in common—we all put people at the forefront, see the unique potential in every individual, and are changing the way the country addresses poverty. 

By 2025, Stand Together Foundation’s goal is to invest in up to 100 Catalyst Impact Partners, committing up to $30 million to accelerate nonprofit impact on creating prosperity. Ultimately On the Road Lending creates prosperity and fuels economic mobility by providing the engine that drives people’s dreams. A car loan through On the Road Lending is life-changing because owning a reliable car increases job opportunities by removing transportation barriers and creates intergenerational wealth through credit building. It also improves quality of life through better access to health care, education, and even healthier food choices.

Stand Together Foundation partners with the highest impact nonprofits around the nation, all committed to empowering the individuals they serve through a principled approach. This means that instead of treating people as problems to be managed with sweeping, top-down plans, these organizations help people realize their full potential through bottom-up empowerment and solutions that help individuals transform themselves and the world around them. Today, Stand Together Foundation partners with almost 300 nonprofits, across all 50 states.

We are often asked why we don’t just give people cars, but where is the dignity in that? Stand Together Foundation shares our point of view. Through this project, we will be part of the largest prosperity research project ever conducted in the U.S. and will spread the word about the transformational power transportation plays in economic mobility.

In 10 years, On the Road Lending will have expanded to 10 states. We have big plans for bringing our human empowerment program to the rest of the country, and, with help from partners like Stand Together Foundation, we know we will make those plans reality—one car at a time!