Loan Process

How to Get a Car Through On The Road Lending

We provide affordable loans, vehicle selection assistance and financial mentoring to get you on the road to success. Just follow these simple steps!


Apply and submit documentation.

The process starts on our website at Fill out the application to get started. You must be employed to receive a loan. We will need your two most recent pay stubs, your two most recent bank statements and identification. Once you have submitted everything, we will notify you about approval within one business day. If we have not received your documentation within 72 hours, your application will be closed.


Complete a phone interview.

In our phone interview, we’ll help you evaluate your budget to make sure you can afford your car expenses, including gas, maintenance and insurance. The last thing we want is for you to fail!


Pick out your car!

We'll help you find a vehicle that fits your budget and your lifestyle. Your coach is here for you over the life of your loan to make sure you stay on the road to success! When you pay off your loan, you’ll be helping more people get affordable loans for reliable cars.