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Loan Process

Checklist For Test Drive

Once we've approved your auto loan financing, it's time for you to head out to a dealership to test drive your new vehicle. At On The Road Lending, we strive to ensure that you purchase a quality used vehicle from a reputable dealer. However, it's important to note that since you're purchasing a used car, some imperfections such as minor wear and tear, dings, or spots on the upholstery may be present. These are acceptable as long as they are not significant and do not affect the car's performance. If a car doesn't run well and the dealer promises to fix it, we'll simply move on to another car selection.

As we cannot be on location with you during your test drive, we've created a helpful guide below. If you haven't completed an application for our affordable auto financing yet, learn more about our loan process here. We offer auto loan financing to individuals with bad credit or no credit history in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas.

  • Look at tire condition and tread.
  • Look at the body including bumpers and paint.
  • Open the trunk and lift the carpet to make sure it is clean and dry. Most cars do not come with spare tires. You can discuss options to purchase a tire with your salesperson. Many newer cars have replaced the temporary donut tire with a can of air to refill and seal a tire.
  • Open the hood and check battery cables to make sure they're clean.
  • Check the oil dip stick to make sure the oil is clear and not dark.
  • Turn on the car to make sure it starts easily.
  • Test all accessories on the dashboard—lights, wipers, windshield sprayer, heat, a/c, radio, etc.
  • Test drive car with the radio off so that you can listen to the engine shift. Notice if it drives smoothly and does not hesitate when accelerated. Listen to brakes when they are applied. Squealing may indicate they need service or replacement.
  • Look over the interior of car to make sure that it is clean and meets your satisfaction.