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Carolyn had a high-mileage Mazda deemed unsafe by her mechanic—whom she saw far too often. With an unreliable car, getting to her job at an area hospital and raising her three children were constant struggles. After On the Road Lending got Carolyn into a reliable, fuel-efficient car, she had the time and energy to look at some new possibilities for her family. First, she completed her associate’s degree, and next she graduated from a training program to be a minister at Potter’s House. “Life is good,” she says. “On the Road Lending truly got us on the road to a better future.”

We have now helped Carolyn’s 19-year old daughter get a car. She has a great job at Amazon in the Inland Port area of Dallas, which has no mass transit. There would have been no way for her to have taken (or kept) this job without her own car.

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