Jalicia is a 30-year-old single mother who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey—and then lost a second car in Tropical Storm Gordon! After living in shelters in the Houston and Dallas areas, she was finally back in Port Arthur with an apartment, a car and a job. Then came Gordon on Labor Day weekend of 2018. Jalicia’s car was in the parking lot of her apartment complex and was totaled in the flood.

Again she was desperately in need of a car to get back to work and was approved for a loan through a dealership. However, with weak credit, the interest rate was high, making every payment a struggle. She reached out to one of our partner agencies, Endeavors, which provides continued assistance after Hurricane Harvey, and was referred to On the Road Lending.

“My falls in life have made me a better person in helping me to learn,” she says.

 “Overcoming obstacles and being able to persevere are indeed true blessings. I am determined to continue to overcome the impacts of Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Gordon. I still face hardships in my life, but I will not let the fear stop me.”

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