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“People who have had cars their entire life don’t understand how hard life can be without a car. Life totally changed for my son and me after I bought my car through On the Road Lending. Just basic things like being able to go to the grocery any time we wanted to. We didn’t need to take a bus or train or worry about carrying heavy stuff. We didn’t have to choose not to buy something because we didn’t want to carry it or were worried about the weather.

I was able to take a better job that pays more money. Before I was a housekeeper and babysitter. Now I’m working full time doing purchasing and project management. I drive almost an hour to my job. It would have been impossible to take the bus here.

My main financial goals now are to buy a house and save for my son’s college. I have never been a homeowner, but I know I can make that happen. I will do it just like I made my car payments. Buying a car through On the Road Lending gave me confidence.”

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