Karimah has six children, ages five to 18, goes to college part-time and works. Two of her children are also in college but don’t drive because she hasn’t had time to teach them. No wonder—she also has a business called S.H.E. Unique that provides beautician services to children for free.

 “I understand that as a young lady it's important to look nice. Not only so you will not be bullied but also to help build self esteem,” Karimah says. “Growing up I had to deal with rejection, so I understand how it feels.”

 This busy lady had purchased a Ford Explorer with a high-interest bank loan. After paying off half of the car, one day it didn’t start. Repairs didn’t make sense given the age of the vehicle, so the car was repossessed. Karimah also had credit challenges with T-mobile and high credit card balances that made it difficult to get a lower-interest loan for a reliable car.

 With financial mentoring, vehicle selection services, and a relationship-based low-interest loan from On the Road Lending, Karimah was able to get a car that met the needs of her family. Now she’s back on the road and working toward her ultimate goal of a master’s degree in Family/Youth Counseling.

“I thank God for this program because it's such a blessing!” she said. “In life we experience situations that bring us pain, and others that bring joy. This is a joyful moment! Thank you for this opportunity! I will not let you down!”

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