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Lisa drove to Dallas from Georgia in a car that was on its last mile. She had two part-time jobs, as a security officer and a nurse’s aide, but was struggling financially to make ends meet—especially after she had to start taking Uber and the bus to work. There were many opportunities for her to work as a hospice aide, but she couldn’t take them because the bus lines couldn’t get her to the client in a timely manner.

Then, while attending a financial education class at Catholic Charities, Lisa learned about On the Road Lending. We analyzed her income and budget and made her a loan on a 2014 Toyota Camry. Lisa’s dream was to become a licensed nurse. With a car, she has been able to finish her education, get a full-time job as a hospice nurse, take extra jobs because she could easily drive to them, and save money to buy a house. She has never been late on a payment. Lisa was also able to support her daughter as she pursued her degree in social work. Once her daughter received her degree, she became a client of On the Road Lending and now has a car of her own, too!

“I couldn’t have reached my dream of becoming a nurse and getting a house of my own without On the Road Lending,” Lisa says. “My car lets me help people. I believe when something good happens, you share it. In two words, my experience with On the Road Lending is—gratitude and generosity. This program really works!”

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