Michelle has been through some tough times. She had a difficult divorce that left her deep in debt and a job that required long hours seven days a week—without over time. Unable to keep going at that pace, Michelle and her son moved in with her mother, and she began to look for ways to rebuild.

 Even faced with daunting circumstances, she didn’t let it get her down. Instead, she stayed positive and determined to grow. Michelle is deeply spiritual and reconnected to her family's faith during her divorce and recovery. She found the WINGS for Women and Families program that offers a variety of resources to help women maximize their potential. WINGS connected her to us, and Michelle has worked hard, using credit wisely to strengthen her financial position.

 When she was ready, we provided a loan for a reliable car that is helping her reach her next goal—to be a nurse. With help from Dallas County Promise and the Last Dollar Scholarship program, Michelle is on her way to a better life.

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