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At the beginning of her recovery from alcoholism, Patrice was taking the bus. But some days it could take her more than two hours to reach her destination. After she got a job, she began using Uber and Lyft. Eventually that became so expensive that she started renting cars to get to work. Because of her poor credit history, if she was approved for a car, she only qualified for high-interest loans that made car payments more than $600 a month.

“The simple fact that I was able to secure a loan with On the Road Lending with a minimal down payment and a car note I can handle based on my salary is a blessing I absolutely cannot describe,” she says.

These days Patrice drives her 2018 Nissan Rogue to work. Her monthly car note is less than her weekly rental car expense. She loves her job as a case manager for young adults who are high school dropouts or parenting teens. She helps them obtain their GEDs and training certifications so they can increase their incomes and independence.

“Reliable transportation is essential to my job,” she says. “I look forward to making my car payments because I am building my credit. It just feels good to do the next right thing these days!”

If you or someone you know needs a second chance, tell them On the Road Lending is making loans and delivering cars.
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