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Raul is the oldest of four siblings and is eager to set a positive example for them. He’s also determined to escape the financial insecurity he’s lived with all of his life. Though his father has two degrees, he has been challenged by crippling student debt. Raul is a graduate of Southern Methodist University working as a paralegal, but, he says, he lacked financial literacy and didn’t understand the positive impact good credit can have on economic mobility.

When we met Raul, he was taking the bus or ride-sharing to work. He completed a budget, saved for a down payment, and began working on improving his credit with one credit card. He purchases one budgeted item with the card each month and pays it off completely. With those accomplishments achieved, we were able to get Raul into a 2017 Toyota Corolla LE.

“Financing a vehicle, improving my credit, and building better money habits will set me up for my life to come,” Raul says. “As the oldest I am looking toward attending law school, a first in my family. This opportunity with On the Road Lending is going to benefit the next phase of my life.”

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