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Siera is a 29-year-old who has been working full time and taking classes at Literacy Instruction for Texas to increase her earning power. Even though she had always had a job since she graduated from high school, she didn’t have a credit history because she hadn’t successfully paid off any loans. She also had some unpaid medical bills that were hurting her credit. Her older brother sold her his car for very little money, since she was only making $7 an hour at the time. Then she had a wreck, and the car was totaled. Like so many of our clients, one stroke of bad luck made everything start to unravel. When Siera found On the Road Lending, she was relying on her aunt and uncle to give her rides to her job at a hotel. If they weren’t available, she had to take Lyft, which was $30 each way. Now with an affordable loan and a reliable car, Siera can attend classes again. She’s also working with our financial coaches to pay her bills on time and build her credit.

Update from Siera after paying off her car loan:

“The car I bought through On the Road Lending has meant everything to me. I can get back and forth to work and go anywhere I want to go. I’m so grateful. I was able to take a better job at a hotel in Trophy Club, which is a 35-minute drive from my house, and I’m up for a supervisor position.

Now that my car is paid off, I have new financial goals. I want to do a nonprofit event to encourage and motivate women who don’t feel like they can reach for their goals because they’re too afraid to stumble. I want them to know they just need to put on their big girl shoes and go for it. With help from On the Road Lending, that’s exactly what I did!”

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