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“Before I got a car through On the Road Lending, I had cars that were breaking down all the time. After I got a reliable car, I landed a corporate job and went from making no money to making a living wage. I’ve continued to get better jobs because I can commute to them and can support my three kids.

You have to drive in DFW, and having my Toyota Corolla made it easy for me to commute. I never had a bad experience with that car. The only expense I had was getting my oil changed! My stress level went down to zero. I didn’t have to worry if the air conditioning was going to work or if there was going to be some other expensive repair that would strand my children and me.

Paying off my loan helped me rebuild my credit and get a brand new Toyota Avalon at a very low interest rate. My new financial goals are to keep increasing my earnings and ultimately get a job where I can help others.”

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