Dana Juett Safe Child Transportation Fund

Dana Juett was devoted to community service wherever he saw a humanitarian need. A former high-tech corporate financial manager and later executive director of the Sapphire Foundation, Dana worked with an array of nonprofits including On the Road Lending, where he touched people’s hearts and truly made a difference in their lives. Dana lost a battle with cancer in March 2017. To honor his life and his contributions to others, On the Road Lending has created the Dana Juett Safe Child Transportation Fund to provide support to parents while they work to obtain their own safe, reliable vehicles.

The fund will provide assistance in a variety of forms to ensure that children and their parents stay safe. It will pay for on-demand interim transportation solutions such as Uber or Lyft so that mothers and their children won’t have to walk home from bus stops or to jobs and school through dangerous neighborhoods or in the dark. The fund may be used to make small repairs to existing vehicles to make them safe until clients can afford newer cars. It may be used to help with gas or insurance, or to provide down payment assistance on new car purchases. The fund may also be used to help parents who already have reliable vehicles make loan or insurance payments or to protect children by purchasing better car seats or new tires.

Many of On the Road Lending’s clients are building new lives after domestic abuse, sex trafficking, drug and alcohol addiction or incarceration. To help single mothers and their children recover from these devastating circumstances, it is vitally important that they be safe and have access to both employment and life-affirming services. These things are difficult to achieve without reliable transportation.

Gifts to the Dana Juett Safe Child Transportation Fund are leveraged through On the Road Lending’s associated loan fund, which will replace depletions to this fund through an allocation from interest income on vehicle loans so that the fund will be self-sustaining.

Please join us in honoring this special man by continuing the work he helped start.

To learn more, please contact Michelle Corson at mcorson@ontheroadlending.org.

Dana Juett Fund