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A New System for Change

In high school, I was thin as a stick with boat paddles as feet as my dad would say. Growing up, my mom restricted the sweets we had in the house due to my dad having diabetes. So, when I left for college and afterwards, I went all out—Mountain Dew and Doritos was my go-to snack. Thanks to those bad habits, today I’m deemed morbidly obese. I’m working toward a goal of losing 10% of my body weight to get healthier and stave off future health issues. My accountability check-in is with my doctor at the end of July. It isn't a vanity thing—it’s something I must do to be present with my children and one day my children's children.

What I also hope is that this journey to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise consistently, inspires my children to battle and fight whatever challenges they may face. Along the way, I am learning to forgive myself. It is truly a journey, a quest. I have successes and then valleys where I struggle to maintain a newly learned positive behavior. But I get back up and reset. That’s a system for change.

Our founder reads a tremendous amount and often makes book recommendations or occasionally will gift one. One she mentioned that I am reading now is called, Atomic Habits. The premise is that if we’re having trouble changing habits, the problem isn't us but our “system.” Bad habits repeat themselves because we need a new system for change.

What bad habits have you overcome or are you battling now? Keep fighting! If you have read Atomic Habits, what action did you take because of reading it?

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In our next issue of Gaining Traction, we will celebrate a client who persisted and retired her vehicle loan. Please read and share it with others. We are proud of her amazing accomplishment!