Now making loans in Kentucky and North Carolina!

Asking for Help

It’s hard to ask for help. I know firsthand the angst, sometimes shame, fear, and anxiety it can cause. All these varying crippling emotions can sometimes lead to inaction. Relatable? But it’s important to remember that reaching out for a supporting hand can be the first step toward creating positive personal or community change.

I want to thank our clients who reach out for our supporting hand and take this leap of faith with us every day. We do know the courage it takes to do this and to trust in us with your personal and financial challenges. You inspire us daily. 

We are continually asked to bring our program to new states and serve more people. As shared in our annual report in the LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENTS on page five, we will be in an additional six states by the end of 2022. To be able to provide these services, partnerships are key.  

We appreciate all the great nonprofit and social service agencies that we have partnered with to assist clients with our life-changing auto loans. There is no way we could have done the work we’ve been able to do alone.

Moving forward, we are diversifying our partnerships  to include organizations like credit unions, loan aggregators, platforms where people are shopping for loans, and other sources. This allows us to help many more people that need our services. Since we make low-cost loans on reliable cars based on who people are—not their credit scores—we can often make these loans happen when others can’t.

Thanks to support from generous funders and investors (see page 27 of our our annual report), this life-changing auto lending process is creating prosperity one car loan at a time!