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Embracing Community

I recently traveled to Kansas City, my hometown, to see my family that still lives there and to celebrate my niece who will be graduating this month from Mizzou in nursing. My family home is not the same after the loss of my dad, who passed away after the 2015 holidays. But my mom, who is in her upper 70s and losing sight in one of her eyes, decorated her home for the holidays and enjoyed having the company. While my dad’s absence tugs at the past, I also felt a sense of renewal in my brother and sister-in-law’s celebration of their daughter and their openness about what family means and who it includes. The party, which was right before the Chiefs game, was a powerful testament to connectedness and how important it is for communities to uplift and support one another to live our best lives. 

Thank you to each one of you for allowing us to be a part of your story and journey. I know this season, while joyous, can also be full of stress, remorse and loss. Please take time to enjoy beautiful memories, create new ones, and celebrate those that are a part of your family—blood and chosen—and the community that surrounds you. 

On the Road Lending is looking forward to 2022, meeting new challenges, and helping many more clients get on the road to improving their lives.

Happy holidays!