Now making loans in Kentucky and North Carolina!

Scaling our Mission

Now in its 10th year, On the Road Lending has empowered more than 1,500 families with the freedom of mobility and access to quality transportation to live their best lives. With an estimated $20,000 cost savings per family per loan, that is nearly $30,000,000 helping working families transform their futures.

We’re proud of this milestone, especially given the complications of today’s financial realities. Used car prices are up 56%. The interest rate environment is challenging. The cost of achieving our goals is increasing. Like our clients, we have demonstrated resiliency and grit and are poised to continue our work empowering working families and getting them on the road to economic prosperity.

To ensure the sustainability of our work and continue to grow, we are raising $20 million over the next two years, which will open access to a $100 million sustainability bond to expand affordable, reliable transportation through On the Road Lending and good jobs through On the Road Garage.

We’re asking for your support to open this pathway for so many needing a chance to improve their lives through transportation and hope you will be a vehicle for change with us!