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What Pathway Are You On?

As the temperatures rise and summer unfolds, it’s a season of new beginnings and celebrations of accomplishments. My oldest stepson reported to his first assignment at Fort Bliss in El Paso after completing his infantry training at Fort Bragg, and my oldest son graduated from Illinois Wesleyan with a degree in Finance. I am very proud of both of them and the young men that they are becoming. I’ve been looking at photos from years ago, reminiscing and wondering where the time went. For both, at the beginning of their adult journeys, the learning does not stop.

On the Road Sustainability Funds President Bill Long and I recently were privileged to participate in the RevJen Fuel series. Thanks to the generosity of funders, we spent a couple of months with other social enterprises examining our revenue structures and exploring ways to become even more effective. We found it to be extremely helpful as our organization positions itself to help more people. We graduated with credentials and knowledge that will help make us better today and tomorrow.

Through this process, we explored the following:

  • How are we as an organization increasing confidence in discussing revenue challenges using root cause vs. symptoms?
  • How are we defining the organization’s top three revenue priorities?
  • How are we able to articulate where our revenue comes from today and what our ideal revenue sources are for the future?
  • Are our roles and responsibilities for the revenue team clear, realistic, and aligned? If so, how?
  • Have we implemented a revenue structure and allocated resources to manage revenue and expenditures?
  • Can we demonstrate our plan with specific actions for shaping our revenue culture?

The ceremony and graduation do not complete the journey. Now, our work begins. We will continue to work through these questions and engage with our stakeholders to help us in our ongoing and future financial sustainability. We are forever grateful for our funders and supporters who continue to invest in us.

Every journey involves potholes, barriers, or valleys. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself in a valley or hitting a pothole. We are humbled every day to be able to join many on their journey to their next chapter. A vehicle is a means to the way! What pathway are you on?