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Staff Notes: On the Road Lending is a Resource for Caretakers

I’m Lonnie Smith, Senior Vice President - Business Development for On the Road Lending, and I have a special place in my heart for caretakers. My grandfather, who suffered from dementia, wanted to stay in his home. He was able to do that thanks to Tomas, his caretaker.

Tomas worked hard to take care of my grandfather. From driving him to appointments and running errands to making healthy meals, Tomas was always there giving 100%. My grandfather was well taken care of in his last days, and Tomas’ care was critical to ensuring he maintained his independence and dignity.

I’m so grateful that On the Road Lending is a resource for caretakers—like Doug Lueder with Prosper Home Care. Doug chose home care based on his personal experience with his younger brother, Dan, who had a spinal injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Doug learned firsthand that a good caretaker is crucial to a family’s well-being. He would step in when his brother’s caretaker wasn’t available, and though his brother Dan has since passed away, at Prosper Home Care, Doug treats every client like a member of the family.

I want to thank Tom Strong at Atlanta CareerRise for connecting Doug with On the Road Lending. Now we’re helping Doug and Prosper Home Care ensure that members of the team have transportation. Doug and Prosper Home Care have developed a Care + Prosperity program for employees in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia to pursue pathways to prosperity, and On the Road Lending is providing a key element—affordable loans for reliable cars.

If you have any questions about On the Road Lending’s economic prosperity movement or how we can partner with your company to help your team get on the road to happier, healthier lives, please REACH OUT to me.